The Learning Impact Award is presented to an enterprise that has implemented any kind of learning intervention on its own, or to a provider who produced a learning programme that included an evaluation and measurement strategy with quantifiable positive outcomes.

Key factors to reference in your submission are positive and lasting outcomes that you have measured


The judges will be seeking clear evidence of improvement in before and after metrics that can be correlated directly to the learning, a thorough evaluation plan beyond learner satisfaction surveys, a demonstrated return on investment (ROI) not exceeding the cost of the learning programme, and voluntary user engagement metrics for interventions not deemed mandatory by the enterprise.  Your submission should clearly answer the question, “how did this learning evaluation strategy measure the positive impact to the business goals of the enterprise?”.


You are requested to structure your submission in a way that covers the sections below. Each section will be reviewed by the judges during the short-listing phase and the submission will be scored.

  • Overview – a brief description of the programme and the enterprise’s expectations and requirements. Explain the evaluation methodology and identify which metrics were focused on and why.  (Maximum 200 words)
  • Description of the key challenges, and the approaches adopted – consider the following points within your submission: metric selection criteria, project time devoted to evaluation, data sourced inside and outside of the LMS, external factors impacting metrics, performance outcomes, innovation, milestones, and lessons learned. (Maximum 250 words)
  • Outcomes – what were the key metrics targeted and did the impact of the learning meet stakeholder and learner performance expectations? Was your evaluation strategy successful? (Maximum 250 words)
  • Achievement –what do you consider to be your unique and replicable evaluation methodology which makes you eligible for the Learning Impact Award? What makes your measurement strategy best in class and should be adopted by other learning organisations? (Minimum 200 words; maximum 400 words)
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