The Learning Professional of the Year Award is presented to an individual (employed or freelance) who has shown exceptional skills in learning and development.

Exceptional skills in learning and development, quality of delivery, and meeting business needs are key factors in this category.


The judges will be seeking clear differentiators from other entrants to the Award, evidence of innovation and client endorsement, being a well-rounded individual, having sound subject matter expertise, innovative delivery strategies and having a strong proposition in response to the challenge ‘what was special about your performance this year’? The Learning Professional of the Year can be working face-to-face or online or both. Quality of delivery and meeting client or employer needs is more important than mode of delivery. The submission can be self-written or written on behalf of a nominated individual.


You are requested to structure your submission in a way that covers the sections below. Each section will be reviewed by the judges during the short-listing phase and the submission will be scored. Please ensure that you observe the strict word count criteria below.

  • Overview – a description of the role that has been performed in the last twelve months and the contribution you or the nominated individual has made personally and to your client/employer and what makes that person stand out. (Maximum 200 words)
  • Description of the key challenges, and the approaches adopted – consider the following points within your submission: key projects and assignments, subject matter issues, innovation, delivery and deployment considerations, personal development, and managing expectations. (Maximum 250 words)
  • Outcomes – what were the key outcomes in the course of the past year and how can evidence be provided that your stakeholders’ expectations were met, and exceeded,? (Maximum 250 words)
  • Achievement – what do you consider to be you or your nominee’s core achievements within the last twelve months and why do you believe that this is the year that this person should be Learning Professional of the Year? (Minimum 200 words; maximum 400 words)
  • Presentation – note that the Finalist will be required to give a 15-minute presentation on their role, to the judges. The aim of the presentation is to demonstrate the excellence of the candidate’s contribution in either a face-to-face or online setting.
YOUR CONTACT DETAILS. All fields are required.