The Learning Platform of the Year Award is new category designed to recognise the important difference that the right platform can make to an organisation’s people and their performance. There are now many different types of learning platform on the market and this category is open to all. What is vital is that the submission goes beyond just features and functionality. Demonstrating next gen technology and innovation is exciting, but on its own is not enough.


The judges will be looking for evidence of a platform’s alignment to a clear organisational need, stakeholder buy-in, learner engagement and adoption, and most importantly, impact on performance and what the platform has helped the organisation to achieve.


You are requested to structure your submission in a way that covers the sections below. Each section will be reviewed by the judges during the short-listing phase and the submission will be scored.

  • Overview –a brief description of the organisational need and requirements for a learning platform as a solution. Why was a new learning platform implemented – or why was an existing platform harnessed for a particular project? What was the selection criteria and what did you hope it would help you achieve? (Maximum 200 words)
  • Description of the key challenges, and the approaches adopted – consider the following points within your submission: project planning and stakeholder engagement, how you have driven adoption of a new platform or increased adoption around an existing one, innovative ways you have implemented the platform’s features and functions, as well as any lessons learned. (Maximum 250 words)
  • Outcomes –what were the key performance metrics and results, both in terms of business performance and, also, in terms of meeting stakeholder and learners’ expectations? How does the learning platform’s reporting and analytics help provide input into understanding your outcomes? (Maximum 250 words)
  • Achievement – what do you consider to be your unique and core achievements using the learning platform? What innovations and new technologies such as AI are you exploiting to your advantage? And why do you believe that this is the year it should be recognised as learning platform of the year? Quantify the impact the platform has had both on individual learners and the organisation as a whole. (Minimum 200 words; maximum 400 words)
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