The Digital Learning Transformation Award is presented to an organisation that has transformed its delivery, products or services by using digital learning tools. This should be in the context of the wider digital transformation of the organisation.

Innovation, impact and business contribution are the differentiators


In particular, the judges will be seeking clear differentiators from other entrants to the Award, evidence of innovation, impact and contribution to the bigger challenge of the organisation as a whole. This should form a strong proposition in response to the challenge ‘why this year?’


You are requested to structure your submission in a way that covers the sections below. Each section will be reviewed by the judges during the short-listing phase and the submission will be scored. Please ensure that you observe the strict word count criteria below.

  • Overview – a brief description of the digital transformation the organisation is going through and the contribution the digital learning programme will make. This will include the expectations of the organisation and the specific requirements laid down for the digital learning element. Explain why specific technology was chosen. (Maximum 200 words)
  • Description of the key challenges, and the approaches adopted – consider the following points within your submission: situation analysis, solution development, project planning, review process, user-generated content, community engagement, performance outcomes, business impact, and lessons learned. (Maximum 250 words)
  • Outcomes – what were the key performance metrics and results, both in terms of business performance, culture change and, also, in terms of meeting stakeholder expectations?  What alternatives were considered and rejected and why? (Maximum 250 words)
  • Achievement – what do you consider to be your core achievements in executing this initiative and why do you believe that this is the year that your project deserves the Digital Learning Award? (Minimum 200 words; maximum 400 words)
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